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Xiaomi’s Mi 5C may come with in-house Pinecone processor

Whenever a much-anticipated Smartphone is about to be launched There are leaks and rumors. So if we expected anything from the stable of Xiaomi then it is obvious things.

The Xiaomi Mi 5C faced so many rumors and suggestion that the smartphone may come packed with a top of the line Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. But a new leak on Weibo which is a Chinese Twitter-like site suggests that the authority might be working on an in-house processor that named Pinecone processor just like Samsung does with its Exynos chipset.

Xiaomi Mi 5C probably the first smartphone which is enabled with Pinecone processor and it is developed by Pinecone electronics that is actually owned by Xiaomi. The chipset will compete with the likes of Kirin chip that is made by Huawei-owned HiSilicon and this is even Exynos chipset of Samsung.

According to leak, we came to know that Xiaomi is working on two Pinecone SoC chips with the model numbers V670 and V970. It is said that model V670 use four Cortex A-53 & four A-53 octa-core design with a clock speed of 800MHz and Mali T860 MP4 GPU. On the other hand, the V670 chipset is also said to be using a manufacturing process of 28 nm.

The model V970 will use four Cortex-A73 cores and four Cortex-A53 octa-core handset designs with a clock speed of 900MHz and Mali G71 MP12 GPU. The processor of this device will have a minimum clock frequency of up to 2.0GHz and a maximum clock speed of 2.7GHz. The V670 is manufactured using a 10nm method and is anticipated to come only in the fourth quarter of this running year.

The Xiaomi Mi 5C will reportedly launch with the lower V670 variant apart from these two processors. V670 is expected to be equivalent to Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor if we check the terms of performance.

Now if we check the specifications of this Smartphone then we will able to know that Xiaomi 5C possibly have a 5.5-inch display with narrow bezels and this to be powered by a 2.2 GHz octa-core processor. There could be two divergent variants of the handset, one published with a Snapdragon processor, and another with their in-house Pinecone chipsets.

The device will come with RAM variants 3 GB and 64 GB of internal memory space. And last but not the least is the camera, Xiaomi Mi 5C will launch with 12 megapixels rear camera and 8 megapixels front camera for selfi. On Android Marshmallow operating system is expected for this device to run. check all the all the latest tech black friday deals 2018

iOS to bring improvement in Apple Maps

iOS 11 to release soon

After the word of technology started booming, people get to witness various hi-tech gadgets and smartphones. Specifically, many brands arrived into the world proving several kinds of operating systems along with new flagship phablets. Upon the conversation of the hi-tech brand, we have Apple standing on top and giving a crucial competition to the others. However, 2017 is the tenth year for the brand, and as it has crossed a decade this year, for fans, two new upgrades are coming into the technological world. Reports have been given that Apple iOS 11 is going to get unveiled this year at the WWDC event in June.

What’s new in the upcoming iOS 11?

Every single time we have witnessed Apple’s app to be continuously developed. But when compared with Google Map, Apple gives it a stiff competition. In order to be tougher, the Cupertino-based company has been working hard to fortify the Apple Map. Over some years, significant changes have been taken place. Reports say that this time, Apple is going to use hundreds of drones in order to track the entire traffic system. Significant changes should be witnessed in Siri. Earlier Siri was fun to use, but as days past fans have realized how important it can be. Previously, Siri was capable of understanding the US accent, but now some primary changes are supposed to come with iOS 11. Apple’s FaceTime is going to be improved this time; thereby fulfilling fans’ long-standing requests. With time we will get to know more updates that Apple is going to bring with the upcoming iOS 11. Till then  read on to know iOS 13 compatibility that is mentioned below:

·  iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4

·  iPad Air, iPad Air 2

·  iPad Pro, iPad Pro 2

·  iPad 4th Generation

Has Apple confirmed iOS 11 to get launched at the WWDC event this year?

WWDC or the World Developer Conference is an event which comes yearly for fans. Here Apple invites developers all around the globe to participate in various developmental workshops. WWDC event is considered to be the event of the year when it comes to the world of technology. All tech gurus, gadget freaks along with serious tech savvies wait for this particular event and hope to witness the annual software updates for the company. In 2017, this year reports are anticipated for iOS 11 to get launched at the WWDC event. Until we get any official announcement, we stick in the hope of iOS 11 to get unveiled at this event.

Why You Need To Download You TV Player?

youtv player download

Since its release, You TV Player has been a revolutionary app in itself.  It has brought in significant changes with it. It is the app which you need have in your device.

This is the app which you need if you are looking for an app where you can watch your desired content at peace. We are providing you details of one such app – You TV Player. This is the app which you need to have in your device if you want to watch your favorite content anytime, anywhere and on any device. It enables users to view videos stored in your device. You can also protect your files using a password. One can even watch You TV Player on your big screens, as the app allows for us to use Chromecast to play the videos. Every popular and international are offered to you without charging a single penny.

This app allows a user to stream any movies and TV series directly on your mobile phone. It also enables to make special provisions for those who need their files to be secured and at the same time support Chromecast. Compatible with Android, iPhone and iPad other than Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, etc. It works efficiently as You TV Player for iPhone as well as You TV Player for Windows. WE can also see our favorite content with the use of this app and we will not even require more than 25MB of space to perform the action.

You TV Player come with extraordinary features. We can use the app to watch numerous TV content. You TV Player is an app which lets you watch free movies and TV Series online. You TV Player is also extremely personalized and customizable. One can suit their needs with Push notifications and other settings as they desire.

Among the many intriguing features of the app, one is that it can be used as a social media tool. One can make friends with other users across the globe and engage in conversations with them. It also allows you to receive help and suggestions from them.   One thing that you need to remember is that You TV Player is not present on Google Play Store. But, a fake app by the same name has been uploaded on the store.  The logo that of the app that is present in Play Store contains text added through a amateur attempt at photo shop. It also does not have much loved social features which would let you to make friends and interact with people worldwide. Another big giveaway is that the app only shows you the movies which are hosted only on video viewing website Youtube. As a result, do not trust that fake app that is available in Play Store.

You TV Player is one of the best apps available in the marketplace. The app is very versatile by nature and is well optimized for any ordinary user. Besides, it has a great collection of TV shows and channels to select from. Therefore, all you need is to just download and install the youtv player apk file from a trusted source and stream your desired video content. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app and start your You TV Player experience.

  LG V30- The Next Big Flagship Launch of LG

LG V30- The next big flagship launch by LG

LG smartphones have always excited us, for their innovation and uniqueness. The Korean tech conglomerate is among the few smartphone developers which still come with removal battery design in their smartphones. The LG G5 made a huge hype due to the modular design but the phone disappoints us big time. But another LG high end device which has been released last year too, the V20 did a tremendous business in the smartphone market. The V20 was released back in September, 2016 and still it is one of the trending smartphones for its huge display size, dual-lens camera and 4GB RAM. So after the grand success of the V20, fans are eagerly waiting for the next iteration of this popular franchise, the LG V30 to release. So in this article, we have shed some lights on the LG V30 probable release date, and features.

Release Date

LG unveiled the V20 last year back in September. So we expect that they are going to release the LG V30 in the same time frame too. Even all the recent reports are suggesting a September, 2017 release date for the LG V30.


When LG launched the V20, the secondary display of the handset was the talk of the town. But according to the latest reports, the Korean tech giant is going to ditch this feature in the next iteration. Apart from that, the LG V30 is believed to sport a 5.7-inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen display, just like its predecessor, but with an improved screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The screen will be protected by the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5 technology and the body-to-screen ratio is also going to be improved up to 83%.

Processor and Memory

The LG V20 is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 SoC, but since the more advanced Snapdragon 835 has already been unveiled, we expect that the V30 will come with that particular chipset. The biggest advantage of this 2.2GHz octa-core Snapdragon 835 processor is, it is made by the cutting edge 10nm finfet technology and improves both the battery life and the phone’s performance substantially.

Where as the memory and RAM is concerned, the LG V30 is expected to release in two in two variants, one with the higher price value consisting 8GB RAM and 64GB internal memory and the other one with low price value consisting 6GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage capacity. Both the versions will allow its users to further expand the storage capacity to 256GB via microSD card.


The upcoming LG V30 is believed to replicate the same dual-lens camera setup at the rear end of the phone with better cameras. Designed by Sony, one lens will be of 21-megapixel and the other one is of 8-megapixel. The rear camera will feature the OIS, dual-LED, autofocus and other high-end features.


LG is famous for radically increase the juice of the battery in their high-end smartphones. The LG V20 is powered by a 3200 mAh battery and we believe the V30 will come with a 3500mAh battery. 

Expect no more from the iPad Mini 5 series; iPad Mini 5

Recently with the WWDC event, hosts of features have been revealed from Apple developers. A much-awaited event, WWDC event was held 5th of June this month. And Apple’s various devices were spilled out to get released officially alongside some new features. But what’s more shocking is via this recent event we have been familiar with a fact, i.e. users should expect no more from the Apple iPad Mini 5. Yes, we know how the world was under anticipation of what new features are to be brought with the upcoming mini tablet, but as we are aware, these days, phones got bigger and easier to carry wherever we want to, whereas iPad series have been into little negligence.

Earlier news and rumors started coming in of iPad Mini 5 to be featuring a slimmer design. Not only that, with the speculations’ grace suggestive design of iPad Mini 5 was expected to be rolling out with 5 mm thick which sounded to be incredible. Rumors brought us that iPad Mini 5 is releasing and specifically with a 4K display resolution alongside supporting 4K videos. Other than the mentioned features, various other features like RAM, internal storage, camera, operating system, and battery were under anticipation. Enough wasn’t this, with those ‘extraordinary’ speculations, tech gurus applied for their iPad Mini 5 features. But next what happened? Every expectation went in vain, and now we are just left with that fine news which is, iPad Mini 5 is not going to get unveiled. In fact, by the reports, we can also hope for the betterment from the opposite side, iPad series might get discontinued.

But Tech fans, don’t get disheartened because Apple has disclosed various other features which are going to get unveiled with the new operating system iOS 11 stable version! Though the beta version is already available to the fans, yet we are seeking for the stable version which is going to get unveiled in the fall. Also note, Apple’s iPhone 8 has also been leaked by a famous company whereby we witness that the flagship smartphone is going to get rolled out with a Tempered glass screen protector. It’d be an understatement if we state that iPhone 8 will be a loyal device for Apple’s age-old users.

As of now, iPad Mini series is reported to be on the darker side, and no new devices are to be manufactured by the Cupertino-based tech conglomerate, Apple. Stay tuned for more Apple devices’ information as this is not the end, my friend!

The Galaxy S9 and its importance to Samsung as a brand

The importance of Galaxy S9 to Samsung

Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, seems to be on a roll as this year has been one of its best. While other tech giants and rivals like Apple and Huawei and also the Korean giant LG have found it very difficult to find some profit margin and to find some hope in the pall of gloom, many other giants have struggled to find a reason of hope. Not Samsung, however. For no matter how much other tech giants have sought to bring this giant down, it has always seemed to pull itself back from the brink.

This year, it has released the Samsung galaxy S8 and the galaxy S8+, or the Plus. These two devices seem to have a lot of good vibes going for them ad it is of great import to suggest that these two devices are nearly perfect. In essence, many reports have suggested that these devices are closer to perfect than many rivals which include the great American giant Apple. Apple too has gone on to semi-formally announce the imminent launch of the tenth-generation Apple iPhone 8, which is not on;y tipped to be a great improvement over the preceding iPhones but also a very good standalone device on its own. Truly, we must suggest to naysayers that Samsung is still the leader in growth volumes while Apple continues to be the leader in sales volumes nd sales targets. This is not to suggest that Apple is very far behind. Far from it. Apple has seen both good days, bad days, and everything in between and it knows what the darkest days of despair as well. Indeed, the Cupertino-based giant knows what it feels like to be on the ropes as well as any other tech giant or any other giant in any field. This is not to suggest that Samsung is any less when compared to the American giant as well.

But, truly speaking, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and a probable S9 Plus are some of the most important devices which Samsung has ever released. Do you remember what happened to the Galaxy Note 7 and the S7 series which released last year? They were later banned in a number of airlines all over the wold including that of domestic and international America flights as well. The reason was simple to boot. The old Note 7 and the S7 series were prone to explosions and fires in many dangerous situations. This enabled that Samsung was prone to a loss which could potentially run up to billions of American dollars. This means that while the Korean giant will have a lot of new ground to cover with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S9, while many other devices have been waylaid as well Indeed, we would be admiring the new Galaxy S9 in a matter of a little over 12 months as the product development cycle at Samsung takes just over 10 months.This means that the Korean giant will not only develop the new Samsung Galaxy S9 in time, but would also reveal the Galaxy S9 release date in a few months time from now.


What do you have to know before purchasing one of the Best Ice Cream Makers?

Things to know before you buy an Icecream maker

Paying few bucks for a quality ice cream can be understandable at times, but if it’s a matter of everyday, then let’s be clear about it, we can’t really go higher than our budget. It will not be an understatement if we tell you that quality ice creams are somewhat to be expensive and now that we have been provided with best ice cream makers, who would want to put their hands in their pocket? Not you, not us! Well, we are going to assume that none of us want to. Maybe that’s the reason why we are writing this article, and you are in the urge of reading it. But before we proceed we will ask you one or two simple questions. Make sure you show justice to yourself because buying an expensive ice cream maker and then not using it, is definitely a thing to be re-thought.

We know its patience, skills as well as the time that is required to use the best ice cream maker and then to make a smooth and chilled bucket of ice cream. Ask yourself one thing, do you have that much patience, skill and time, in a fast-paced world like today? If it’s a yes, then only continue reading this article further. Surely, you would agree to make ice cream for yourself, for you close ones, for your family is something impressive. And when those guests visit your place, you can wow them too! In a short note, making ice cream is the ultimate fun; where you can showcase your interior talent. In order to create your own ice cream on a regular basis then going for the best ice cream maker is your only solution.

Now that you are confident enough of investing your time and money, we would be providing you the guideline of buying an ice cream maker. Considering few things, you should keep certain factors in your mind. Read below to find what you need to buy the best ice cream make.

First and foremost you need to consider the price range. Obviously, this is the major factor as without those big notes you can stand nowhere (while going for purchase). You might find expensive ones alongside some cheaper ones which can satisfy your needs in terms of quantity. So making a choice between prices is the major issue while grabbing the best ice cream maker.

Second, model type is another important factor when concerning to buy best ice cream, maker. Almost all ice cream makers offer a variety of freezer bowl. But there are some other techniques by which various ice cream makers are equipped with. So it’s you who is going to decide which model to buy, and if you are interested in having to freeze the canister before hand, then you might broader your options and choose some other model.

Third, portion per batch is the last of the major factors, which would help you decide which ice cream maker black friday is essential for yourself. In a host of different sizes, ice cream makers are available in the market. The thing is that, it’s just up to you what to chose and what not. But you must make the right choice.

Wrap Up… We have provided you the entire guideline of what is needed to be known before opting for the best ice cream maker in the market. In conclusion, ice cream makers are provided with hosts of beneficial features that worthy of your skills as well as time. Choose the best one from the market and enjoy different flavors of ice creams.

How to Download ShowBox App for Android

Showbox app for android

Showbox is an app that helps you helps you to watch latest Hollywood Movies, TV Shows, Movie Trailers and much more on your Android device. This ShowBox App in particular streams movies and TV shows for free of cost. Show Box Apk streams the videos of HD quality. This is specifically an entertainment app that has an extensive collection of movies and TV shows streaming for free.

Showbox Features

Showbox is an amazing app. This app is perfect to watch every latest movie through streaming and even offline. But before jumping into the downloading process of Showbox, take a look at some of its best features.
It is a free app available in the Android Market.
There is no need of paying a single penny. Free of cost.
Very less file size to download and install.
It promises HD quality, but there is an option for desired resolution to watch movies and Videos.
Friendly and easily understandable interface.
Different filters like Genre, year and you can sort by Year, Name, Rating by IMDB to screen movies.
You can download movies to offline with one click.

Get the Details of Showbox

Apk Name- Showbox Apk
Apk Size- 38 MB
Apk Version- 4.92

How to Download Showbox App for Android

Here is the simple process of downloading the Showbox apk on your Android phone. It will just take few minutes to complete the procedure and
•  First, take your Android Mobile and go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and chose the option to allow anonymous sources.
•  Now, go to the download location of Showbox Apk file on your mobile which downloads folder.
•  After that open the file and accept terms & conditions by clicking on Next & Install buttons.
•  Finally, the Apk will install automatically. Just after the installation is completed, click on the ‘Open’ option and get unlimited movies. Enjoy the app!
Wrap Up
It is a fact that most of the television series lovers trust Showbox as this app is just too perfect and offers almost all kind of latest movies. But it is true that Showbox is not available on Google Play Store, as it provides its users, illegal contents. Thus the app cannot be downloaded from there, and thus the apk file downloading is the only process of getting the app on your Android device.